Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm extremely embarrassed that it has been so many months since my last post, but this summer has been crazy!!! It also doesn't help that my little one, Kyler, really keeps me going! He is a busy, busy boy!

First, I ought to finally announce that I am pregnant, and we are very excited! I am due on November 17, although I will probably be induced on the 13, since my body doesn't go into labor on its own! And before all the gender questions come pouring in, yes, my luck has held and its another boy!!! We had an ultra-sound on July 13, and before we walked into the clinic I told Dallas, 'I know it's a boy. I'm so sure of it, I will bet you $100.00 (that I didn't have)!' And sure enough, there is no question, it is a boy!

The last month of school went pretty fast, and all three boys got pretty good report cards (yeah!), and I feel like we have been gone or busy A LOT of the month of June! We have 5 birthdays in June, so that keeps us a little busy. The first weekend (5-7) we went down to Bountiful, Utah to visit my sister and have a BBQ. The weekend of the 12-14 we worked on our lawn and flower beds and had a BBQ with Dallas' family for his and his mom's B-Day. The next weekend was Fathers Day and we worked more on our yard. That next week my sister came up from Utah so I was in Poky a lot and we worked on some stuff in my moms house, and that weekend (26-28) we went back to Utah for Taylorsville days where they have a rides & booths & food & fireworks. Dallas' Aunt Barbara has invited us to go down to that for a couple of years now, it's a lot of fun.

Before I carry on, I have to expand on Friday the 12th, because a lot happened that day alone. Kyler has had double ear infections 8 out of the past 12 months, some times for the whole month, so we finally got an appointment to put tubes in his ears that morning. Everything went well, the whole thing only took about 13 minutes and we were out and on our way very early (we had to get there at 6 am, the procedure was at 7 am, and we were gone by 7:45am). They told us it was a simple procedure and he would feel better when he was done than before he went under, but I was still worried. My sister, Teri, had my other 3 boys and since neither Dallas or I got much sleep the night before (even after I finally went to bed after 1:00 am, I still couldn't sleep), we decided to just head home. At home, he acted great. He played and ran around like nothing happened. I was feeling much less worried about side effects when he fell asleep around 11:00, so I started straightening up a few things around the house. Shortly before noon I laid down on the couch to get some sleep and Kyler woke up screaming! I felt so bad, apparently laying on his ears irritated them and stupid mom hadn't thought to give him any Tylenol! It took me an hour to get him back to sleep after giving him the medicine. Once he did fall asleep, I got some much needed rest. Later on, after we all woke up, I decided to take Kyler outside to play. The day or two before (one of the days it actually didn't rain) Dallas had mowed so we had pulled all the hoses off the lawn. One of my brilliant children decided it would be a good idea to put one on the back step right outside our door. As I walked out, stepping over the hose, helping my 20 month old walk down the steps, I thought, 'I ought to move this hose before someone tri...' That was as far as I got, as I was the one who tri... over the stupid thing! In trying to save Kyler (as in, not crushing him with my gigantour feet or body!), I bent and twisted my right foot and ankle to the point that the TOP of my foot was scraped up and I could barely step on my foot my ankle hurt so bad! For all those concerned, no child was hurt (including the wee one inside me) when the rampaging Rhino fell down the stairs! (and luckily, no one saw it either!!!) Later on that night, we planned to go to Pocatello to pick up the other three boys. I got the van loaded with our various diaper bags and purses and such and took Kyler outside to load him. He is one of those kids who doesn't walk anywhere, he takes off running. He saw our sliding van door was open so he, of course, takes off running toward it. Right before he got to the van, he tripped and hit his head on the sliding door. I head right over to him and hug him thinking, 'He is going to have one heck of a goose egg on his head!' As I'm trying to calm him down, I see this funny maroon-ish spot on the concrete and think, 'That almost looks like a spot of blood, how funny...' Then I look down at Kyler and see the blood POURING out of the gash in his forehead! I scream, 'DALLAS HE'S BLEEDING BAD!!!" So Dallas takes him out of my arms and into the house and with a cold wash cloth manage to get the bleeding down enough so we can get to the clinic for what I assume will be stitches. We get to the clinic and wait, for what feels like forever, but really wasn't too long. They take us to one of the 'special' rooms in the back (trauma room or suture room, or something like that), and we did have to wait there for a bit. (As we waited for the doctor, I was thinking back on the day and remembered thinking earlier, 'Now that he has the tubes in his ears, we probably won't be into the clinic for awhile, hopefully just for check-ups!' How ironic, huh!) When the nurse finally came in, she had this syringe in her hand and I thought, 'No, not a shot to numb it!', but then realized there was no needle in it. She informed us it was full of a numbing solution and she would squeeze some of it on the wound so the doctor could suture it. Dallas picks Kyler up, (because heavens knows, I'm a complete basket-case!) then proceeds to squirt the solution all over Kylers head, in his eye, and on Dallas! She sort of laughs and says, 'Oh! It was a little thinner than I thought!' I'm thinking, 'Why the he#* are you laughing? Let me squirt some of that into YOUR eye and see who's laughing!' She helps Dallas wipe it up and she gets it ONTO his head this time and says we have to wait for it to take affect then left. After another long wait, the doctor comes in and says she wants to try a butterfly bandage instead of stitches, which I'm not so sure about, but she said he would have a scar either way, so Dallas says fine, do the bandage. We finally leave for poky, MANY hours later than we planned, picked up the boys and headed home. Just about the time we hit Blackfoot I remember thinking I was glad the day was over and couldn't wait to get to bed. That was definitely a bad thought, since on our way into town Dallas hit some white animal (cat or rabbit or ??) that ran across the road! don't sic PETA on us, it was very dark and there was no way to avoid it!) I can definitely say that was one of my top 10 worst days!!!

This was the picture my husband took with his phone while we were waiting for the doctor.

(no, he has had no drugs at this point!!!)

And July has just been a day trip here and a day trip there, work picnics to go to, etc. We had hoped to do some camping, but dallas got a new job at the INL at the end of June (I will save that story for another post) and they had him working a lot of overtime, so free weekends were scarce! On the days I was home, I tried to clean and get laundry done! At any rate, I feel like the first two months of summer just flew by! (It didn't help that it rained the whole month of June!)

This post was long enough, so I will save the month of August for another day! (And what a month it was!!!) Hopefully it won't take me so long to post next time, maybe just a few days!!!


Connor Fullmer said...

haha i totally rember that day oh the stories you always have haha keep updting this blog its awesome haha love ya xoxo

Geisler's said...

Oh I love your blog posts, it's so how it goes with kids! I can't wait to hear about Aug. the suspence!!
I'm so excited for you and the new baby! 6 boys God knows your you are one strong women! Did you see Jenika?? She'll be 4 weeks on Fri. Love ya

Here's a glimpse of life with the Huffmans~ said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So excited to hear you're expecting!