Thursday, October 22, 2009

It has been awhile since I have had a toddler, five years to be exact! Sometimes, I get caught up in what I am doing and forget that silence, while nice with the older ones (for the most part), is rarely good, and often dangerous (or at least worth 20-30 minutes of clean up when found!) with a 2-yr old! This morning was one of those times. As I was cleaning my kitchen (yes, I occasionally do that), I didn't realize I was enjoying the silence when here comes Kyler out of his room. I look at his arms in stunned silence.

Then the silence breaks and I yell, 'Kyler! No, no!' So, he runs into his room and I follow him, but before I get in, he pulls on a set of Mr. Potato head glasses.

Of course, it worked, I laughed then snapped some pictures.

Thank heavens they were dry erase markers and no wall or child or toy was harmed!!!

On a side note, as I was posting this blog, this is what happened:

Sigh, it's good he's cute!


Teri said...

Oh how I love my sweet ky!!! Him in those glasses about made me pee my pants I was laughing so freaking hard!! what a smart kid to use a diversion gotta love kids

Geisler's said...

HEHEHE Ok so before I had a boy I thought parents with boys where just bad parents that didnt control their children, oh and then I got one!! HEHE LO"VE um they are so full of energy and the things they think of CREATIVE!!! Brax can disasemble anything and everything! I had to invest in a snuggly so I have both free hands.

Teri said...

yea, I have to say it is kinda funny when it isn't happening to ME!