Monday, January 24, 2011

Well, crap! It's almost the end of January 2011 and I haven't caught up my Blog yet!

I have decided, as part of my New Years Resolutions, (which is unfortunately quite long) to post AT LEAST once a month for 2011. I hope its one resolution I can keep.

One of these years, I'm going to be smart and make resolutions I KNOW I can keep!
1. I will put on at least 10 pounds this year.
3. I will overindulge in food and drink as much Diet Pepsi as I want. (see #1)
2. I will watch all my favorite TV shows
4. I will lay around eating Bon Bon's while watching all my favorite TV shows. (what the heck is a Bon Bon anyway?)
5. I will let my house get so messed up, it could be a candidate for 'Hoarders'
....Well, you get the idea! I would continue on, but I would be afraid of being committed for even thinking some of these degenerate thoughts! I know some of you are cringing at a few of these, but I promise I won't do any of those (except maybe #1 & #2. At least I have succeeded in the past few years! hahaha)
Anyway, we will see how it goes. Those of you following (if I have any followers left), I hope you will see a lot more of me, or at least my Blog! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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