Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shame, shame!

Oh my gosh! I just looked at the date of my last blog post...I am thoroughly ashamed! Over a year and a half! I might have to put myself on time out! Hummmm...time out sounds pretty good. Preferably at a day spa with an endless supply of Diet Pepsi! But I digress...

Oh so many things have happened in a year and a half, surprising huh? I will do a quick rundown of the whole family...Where do I start?!?

TRACEN - is now 13 and in the EIGHTH GRADE! Yep, I now have a teenager in Junior High! Which also means he is passing the sacrament at church! Yikes! He discovered band a few years ago, and is a really good drummer. His band teacher even called him a natural percussionist! He loves it so much Dallas and I bought him a drum set for his birthday this year!

JACOB - is in the 6th grade, and is bitter they are going to a Junior High schedule which means NO RECESS! But so far is enjoying his classes, and is excited to be with his friends again! He also started playing percussion in the band and loves it!

COLBY - is in 4th grade and is still as quiet as ever. (at least one of them is quiet!) He is a really good student, and loves school! He has quite a head for numbers (yes, he gets that from his dad), even his teacher last year asked him if he had a calculator with him!

KYLER - is 4 and is SO excited to go to pre-school this year! All my other boys had two years of preschool, but this one is so smart (he also takes after his father!) I don't think he will be behind in the least. He is such a cutie, too! He loves to make people laugh and will dance, sing, or do about anything to get a laugh from you!

ZACK - ...Oh what do I say? It's a good thing he's cute! He is SUCH a handful! Without going into all the stories, and there is A LOT, if he hadn't been out last child, HE WOULD HAVE BEEN OUR LAST CHILD! He does have the cutest smile, and knows just when to use it!

Dallas - (you didn't think I would leave him out, did you?) is still working at the INL, and got called as the Scout Master not too long ago! Which he LOVES! (too bad you can't hear the sarcasm coming from those words!)

And now to me, the biggest change for me was I got called as the primary president! Come on now, everyone close your mouth's...even though my jaw dropped when my bishop asked me! I LOVE it though! I love being with the kids and teaching them (and being taught by them). I have some awesome ladies that I work with and really help distribute the work load.

Anyhoo, that's the quick version of things. Hopefully it won't be another year and a half for my next post, or who knows what changes I could be posting? I may have another child..........
Sorry, I had to go to my happy place! (by the way, another child is NOT even possible for us!)

Have a great day!

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