Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All Kyler, all the time

I have forgotten what it is like to have a toddler! Re-learning has NOT been fun! Here are a few of our MIS-adventures.

This was quite a duel with a roll of toilet paper.

Take that! And that!

Toilet paper looses!

We left the piece of cake alone with Kyler for just a minute!


This gate was SUPPOSED to keep him out of the front room, but he figured out how to pull it down!

He's also quite the climber! Mt. Everest, here we come!

I wanna play!

If I close my eyes, you can't see me!

I had a bag of apples on the ground and Kyler decided he needed one!

And now he is walking (running) so I have put on my running shoes and am DESPERATELY to keep up! Let me tell you, it was hard when Tracen was a baby, and it's definitely no easier since I have gained a few years (not to mention pounds!)

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Melanie said...

Hi Becky!

I'm Melanie from Hope in Miscarriage. I ran across your comment again tonight and stopped by your blog to see how you are doing.

I soooo enjoyed these pictures!! We have six sons and these sights were very familiar LOL

I'm hoping the Lord is comforting your hearts - I know you are still hurting (I am, too!), but He is faithful and will wipe away your tears...

With much love,